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For all ages and fitness levels!

A - Complete Course (total 10 hours)

The full course is recommended for a basic and intermediate level.

1. Introduction

In this first contact with the sport the student will learn about the equipment, installation, wind and its effect on the kite, safe areas for the sport, security system, kite control, takeoff and landing and how to generate power with the kite inside the water.

2. Body Drag

The student will initiate and enhance the practice of "body drag", learn self rescue, board recovery techniques and re-takeoff of the kite in the water.

3. Starting with the board

The student will start the first contact with the board and practice the skills with it. Learn techniques to sail both ways "downwind" and "upwind" and make the transition.

B - Advanced Course (total of 1 hour)

The advanced course is ideal for the most demanding athletes or for those who already know how to sail but want to go further. Learn freestyle, kitewave and kiterace maneuvers with us!

1. Freestyle

Learn tricks like a pros (jumps, grabs, transitions, handlepasses).

2. Kitewave

Surf with the kite! Learn all the techniques for kitewave (jibes, dug and striking).

3. Kiterace

The closest mode in sailing, sail with the kite on high performance (jibes, cambadas, buoys assembly, lay lines and race tactics).

ABK - Associação Brasileira de Kitesurf

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