Prea Beach

Prea beach or Vila Prea is located in the municipality of Cruz, state of Ceara, Northeast of Brazil. It is one of the most extensive and beautiful beaches on the coast of Ceara. It has favorable conditions for kitesurfing, such as weather conditions and winds, in addition to the pleasant water temperature. Prea is recognized for being one of the longest beaches and with the best winds in the world for kitesurfing. To complement the landscape, the dunes formed by the tropical climate of the region, bordering the Environmental Protection Area (APA) of Jericoacoara. Even though it is called Jericoacoara National Park, 33% of its territory belongs to Prea beach.

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A special place.

Prea beach is one of the best places in Brazil and in the world to practice kitesurfing, at all levels of learning. It has incredible wind conditions, specific for specialized professionals, experienced and also beginners. See Kitesurfing Courses

The trade winds that blow in the Prea region are more constant and stronger than in other beaches along the coast of Ceara. They reach an average of 25 knots between July and December, and on several days exceed 40 knots.

The wind at Prea beach is incessant, making it perfect for practicing. The side on shore direction, towards the right, towards the inside towards the outside of the sea, ensures the proper practice and with more performance of kitesurfing.

The month of July is always considered the first of the high wind season. From august to december, the daily chances to practice kitesurfing in Prea are close to 100%.


Excellent conditions at Prea every day during high season. The abundant wind arrives in June/July and stays until January/February, blowing between 15 and 35 knots (up to 40 on some days). The direction is side off shore on the right.


The sun always shines on Prea beach and Ceara. During the windy season, expect perfect blue skies. The average water temperature is between 26-28°C and the air between 28°-34°C. It rains only during the months of February to April.


Check out the wave, wind and weather forecast on and Windfinder. Plan your unforgettable days at Prea beach and National Park of Jericoacoara.

How to get

You have several ways to get to Prea beach in Cruz, the most common are by car (or 4×4 private transfer), bus and flight. The best route from Fortaleza to Prea is on the CE 085, also known as Estruturante. The most economical solution is the bus, from the company Fretcar. The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Prea is by helicopter (you can get there in just 1 hour), but obviously the cost will be higher.

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