Play Kite School - 2024

Play Kite School

Prea Beach (Cruz) - Brazil

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The kitesurfing school - Play Kite School - is pleased to train new sailors in a relaxed and safe way.

School at Prea Beach.

The school offers Kitesurfing Courses aimed at all ages and skill levels. Located in one of the reference places in kitesurfing in the country, Play Kite is located on Prea beach in Cruz, next to Pousada Sitio Phoenix, 12km from the internationally known Jericoacoara beach.

ABK Certified Instructors.

Play Kite's team is certified by ABK (Brazilian Kitesurfing Association), is committed to your learning and safety. Therefore, it accompanies you in the water to teach and provide the necessary support in a fun way. The school's instructors, in addition to being trained, experienced and qualified, are super-fun and friendly!

In any season of the year, it will be a pleasure to welcome you to learn about the structure and services of a modern, cozy school, with a prepared and receptive team. We hope to see you soon at Prea beach learning kitesurfing at Play Kite! Let's play?

Latest equipment.

Play Kite has complete equipment of the latest generation for kitesurfing in Prea. Among the brands, those of renowned quality in kitesurfing stand out, such as Core, F-one, Nobile and Cabrinha. All designed for the best performance of the athlete.

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