Kitesurf Lessons.

All courses are totally practical and intensive. The equipment is included in the value of the courses. The kites used are new and 100% latest generation, with boards of various sizes and models, according to the needs and level of each student.

We also provide helmets, life jackets and an innovative radio system where the student gets information while in the water. All equipment is included in the price of classes.

Instructors ABK.

Our instructors at the kitesurfing school in Prea are graduates by the ABK - Brazilian Kitesurfing Association, the brazilian leading organization that governs, promotes and develops safe kiteboarding in Brazil.

A - Complete Course (total 10 hours).

The full kitesurfing course is recommended for a basic and intermediate level.


In this first contact with the modality, the student learns about the equipment and assembly, wind direction and intensity, and kitesurfing techniques. You are instructed to control the kite, take off, land and how to generate power with the kite in the water for sailing. The practice is done in safe areas on Prea beach and with a security system.

Body Drag

The student will initiate and enhance the practice of "body drag", learn self rescue, board recovery techniques and re-takeoff of the kite in the water.

Starting with the board

The student will start the first contact with the board and practice the skills with it. Learn techniques to sail both ways "downwind" and "upwind" and make the transition.

Kitesurfing courses - Prea beach - BrazilKitesurfing courses - Prea beach - BrazilKitesurfing courses - Prea beach - Brazil

B - Advanced Course (total of 1 hour).

The advanced kitesurfing course is ideal for the most demanding athletes or for those who already know how to sail but want to go further. Learn freestyle, kitewave and kiterace maneuvers with us!


Learn tricks like a pros (jumps, grabs, transitions, handlepasses).


Surf with the kite! Learn all the techniques for kitewave (jibes, dug and striking).


The closest mode in sailing, sail with the kite on high performance (jibes, cambadas, buoys assembly, lay lines and race tactics).

Equipment rental

© Cabrinha

The Play Kite provides full-service rental of equipment for kitesurfing in Prea: kites, boards, trapeze and helmet. We only work with the most established brands in the market, but the most used are Core, F-One, Nobile and Cabrinha, from 4 meters to 12 meters. The rent of the material can be done by hour, day or periods (packages) that fit your needs. All equipment damage will be charged to the customer. The kitesurfing school also offers of a storage area for you to leave your kite equipment safely.

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